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Zoom Icon11 Released 09/21/2009 Price: 0.99

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Use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a portal to serious contemporary art!

Zoom Icon11

Interplanetary Icon, No. 11 (1990)
Mixed Media on Paper, 23"x19.5 in.
Private Collection

Right after she had created this series of works Junko wrote, "All of the works I have created over the last 30 years aspire to be icons. But in my icons, instead of traditional religious images I use symbols that have personal significance for me. Here, in Interplanetary Icon No.11, you can see engines and various broken parts of cars disconnected, exposed, and vulnerable, and tree burls that are swollen and disembodied. Their pain, their cries are embraced in the icon and transformed into a living whole. They are now soaring in interplanetary space."

Feel free to zoom in and look closer: spread your fingers to enlarge, or tap twice with one finger. Tap once with two fingers to reduce, or squeeze your fingers together. And hold the image down and move it around to scroll before you zoom. There is an endless world here of fascinating detail. Enjoy!