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    Out of the Mansion of the Motoyasu


Out of the Mansion of the Motoyasu
(461 pages)

 This book is an autobiography, in which the author’s life story is
told not only from deep within her soul, but also from a place outside
the narrator and hovering above her. It is a historical novel, telling the
story of Japan’s encounter with the West at the end of the 19th century,
and through the years after World War II.
This is a book of personal mythology and spirituality documenting the
growth of the author’s soul, starting from the age of four as she starts
painting on scraps of cardboard while hiding in hand-dug bomb shelters
during the bombings, and then as she grows into an intensely serious artist.
This book will be attractive to anyone interested in psychology,
self-realization, spirituality, feminism, religion, language, different
cultures, or the relationship between life and death. And it is
a compelling account of the essence of art: of the artist’s role as a
passionate witness, and as a constructive outsider.

Paperback $24.95 plus tax and shipping.
Hardcover $34.95 plus tax and shipping.

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