Title: Centripetal Art/Matrix of Growth eBOOK Edition1 Date modified: 04/10/2009

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This remarkable book introduces the reader to Centripetal Art: art that seeks the center of the self in order to encounter divine presence there. This kind of art was born out of the life experience of JUNKO CHODOS. It rejects the cynicism and hype of the post-modern period, a period during which detachment from universal values was elevated to a principle. As the postmodern period experiences its death throes, Centripetal Art affirms universal values -- but not the values that counted as "universal" in western societies right through the early decades of the 20th century. For the centripetal artist, divine presence is something beyond gender, beyond ethnicity, and beyond dogma.

centripetal - seeking the center

The eBOOK is hosted by NXTBookMedia. This book includes images of many works created after Metamorphoses was published. It also approaches the art in a brand new way,

With essays contributed by George L. Gorse, Terrence Dempsey, J. Harold Ellens, and Karen Torjesen. 341 pages, 7.5 x 11 inches. 150 plates. Print edition available late in 2008. eBOOK editions available now:

You can browse through the eBOOK here. At that same site....

You can purchase a copy for download, for $25.

You can purchase the online version. $20.

Or you can purchase the online version with discussion forum. $25.