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Zoom Birth Released 09/15/2009 Price: 0.99

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Use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a portal to some serious contemporary art.

Zoom Birth

The artwork, "Birth," is by JUNKO CHODOS, a collage of computer prints and acrylic on industrial mylar, 8 feet high and 3.5 wide. It is the first work in her 2001 series, "Esoteric Buddhism."

The Japanese characters spell out a poem by the 9th century priest, Kuukai: "Born, reborn and born yet again, in the cycle of reincarnation, in darkness." And above them we see a foetus on its way through the birth canal. - The computer prints that the artist has assembled and layered, form a mysterious mixture of colors and textures; and the overall form is almost like a figure standing on two legs.

Feel free to zoom in and look closer: spread your fingers to enlarge, or tap twice with one finger. Tap once with two fingers to reduce, or squeeze your fingers together. And hold the image down and move it around to scroll before you zoom.

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