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Zoom CU17 Released 09/21/2009 Price: 0.99

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Use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a portal to some serious contemporary art:

Zoom CU17

Compact Universe, No. 17 (1991)
by Junko Chodos
Mixed media collage on paper
inside compact disc case - 5.5 in. high x 4 in. wide.

In 1991, Junko created a series of 175 art works inside compact disc cases using the case as both a frame and a design element. She titled these works "Compact Universe" and she wrote of this series, "As he sits in meditation on the Lotus, the ancient scriptures say that Buddha sees a whole universe in each leaf. I see a whole universe inside an empty compact disc case. This series is my high-tech presentation of an ancient insight into the nature of eternity!"

Many of these works are in her collage style. In this work, No. 17 from the series, she mixes burls, prehistoric skeletons, a human figure, an insect form, and a Renaissance map of the cosmos - to create a fascinating image.

Feel free to zoom in and look closer: spread your fingers to enlarge, or tap twice with one finger. Tap once with two fingers to reduce, or squeeze your fingers together. And hold the image down and move it around to scroll before you zoom.