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Hear Birth Released 09/15/2009 Price: 1.99

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Use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a portal to some serious contemporary art.

Hear Birth

The artwork is by JUNKO CHODOS, a collage of computer prints and acrylic on industrial mylar, 8 feet high and 3.5 wide. It is the first work in her "Esoteric Buddhism" Series, completed in 2001, and it is titled "Birth." The other works are titled "Ecstasy" and "Death" - and perhaps that sums up a human life!

The Japanese characters spell out a poem by the 9th century priest, Kuukai: "Born, reborn and born yet again, in the cycle of reincarnation, in darkness."
After sitting for three days in the museum gallery where this work was on display, Malcolm Goldstein improvised on his violin in response to the art work. Later Robert Primes, a master cinematographer, came to Junko's studio and responded to both the music and the art. This is the result: an encounter of three master artists in the world of the art; and you are invited to join!
About 90 seconds long. - Listen to the cries of the foetus as it makes its way through the birth canal: cries of anguish? cries of glee? You decide!

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