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In the Fall of 2009, we began to release a series of iPHONE applications based on the art of Junko Chodos. These applications are not intended to be "games" and although they are all entertaining, that really is not the point of them. Instead, we want to offer you a new way to access serious art. We would like to call these applications "inspirational" - but the iPhone store doesn't have a category like that yet!

We are beginning with two broad categories: ZOOM and HEAR. The Zoom applications allow you to download an image, move it around on the iPhone/iTouch screen, and zoom in and out - so you can study the detail. Since a lot of Junko's art is extremely rich in detail, we hope you will find these apps thoroughly fascinating.

The Hear applications are hypermodern presentations of the art, music improvised in response to the art, and stunning cinematography improvised in response to the art + the music. These are short encounters of the artist, the violinist, and the cinematographer - and now, you!

Zoom Garan
Zoom CU17
Zoom Icon 11
Hear Birth
Zoom Birth
Hear Topo5
Zoom Topo5